Rehoming - what you need to know

We have a number of different dogs. Different sizes, shapes, ages, some pedigree, some who knows! All have different personalities, temperaments and needs. Some may need an extra special new home, others may need owners with experience of their particular breed, and some may not be suitable to share a new home with small children. Some dogs do not like other dog companions. A common question is if the dog will be ok with cats. Please also consider if your cat will be ok with a dog. We don’t want to rehome one animal to cause another animal suffering or cause another rehoming problem.

We do our very best to match the right owner with the right dog on an individual basis.

Rarely do you find a 100% perfect dog. Some dogs are fine, but some have one or more of the following problems:

  • Not housetrained
  • Terrified of anything and everything
  • Food aggression
  • No lead training or road sense
  • Destructive chewing

With a lot of patience and perseverance these, and most other problems you encounter, can be overcome. Don’t give up at the first hurdle – seek advice and help. We will offer ongoing support when you adopt one of our dogs. Don’t be frightened to ask for assistance, you are showing you are a responsible pet owner who wants the best for their dog. We will take any of our dogs back if a rehoming does not work out. Please do be aware, however, that donations for the kennels are non-refundable, except in extreme circumstances.

Please bear in mind that a dog is a huge commitment for many years to come. They can be expensive, will require lots of your time and will have to be considered in every future decision.

Any new dog is going to have to be given time to settle – weeks, sometimes months. If you are not prepared to give this time, a rescue dog is not for you.

We require a fully fenced-in garden and that any dog is not left longer than 4 hours without a break from someone.

So, how do I get a rescue dog?

Phone interview

If you see a dog on this website you would like to give a home to please call 07709 036103. The kennel staff are always really busy so it is not always possible to get an answer straight away. Please do leave a message and someone will call you back. We will ask you some simple questions to find out what sort of dog you are looking for, about yourselves, your home environment, etc.

Meet the dog

You are welcome to come to the kennels but please make an appointment. This is very important to make sure someone is available to have a chat with you about dogs that may be suitable.

Please bring all members of the family with you to meet the dog, including children. If you have another dog, please also bring them. This meeting is also to see if the dog likes you as much as you like them.

We require people to travel to us to meet our dogs, we cannot deliver a dog.

Home Check

Once you have chosen your new furry friend we will arrange a home check. This is nothing to worry about. We are not interested in your décor and if you have hoovered this morning. We are only interested in the dog’s welfare and that you have a suitable home, i.e. a fenced-in garden, and that your home meets the dogs needs. For example, a home check will fail if you want a St Bernard and live in a bedsit!

Taking your adopted dog home

Once your home check has been successful you can arrange to collect your new companion.

Please have in place all the items you need to bring a new dog home – food and water bowls, lead, collar, toys, food, bed, etc.

We hope for a donation of £350

Please bear in mind we rely on these donations to help all of our dogs.  Typically the donation is to help towards the cost of spaying/neutering; vaccinations; microchip; food and help cover costs for some of our dogs who require significant medical input.  A puppy would cost several hundred from a breeder. If the adoption fee is a problem, please consider if you can afford a dog at all.

Adoption fees are non-refundable, even in the case of a dog being returned, unless in extreme circumstances.

In most instances the dog will have been spayed/neutered. If there are circumstances that prevent the dog being spayed/neutered we will ask you to sign adoption papers insisting this is done. This is very much a term of the adoption and we will check.

Follow up

We do a follow up call/home visit after a few months just to make sure everyone is happy. If you have any problems please just call. Do bear in mind a home environment might be very overwhelming for the dog for a little while. Children should not be allowed to smother them. Please don’t bring a dog back because he has done a wee on the kitchen floor or chewed something he shouldn’t have. If these sorts of occurrences are intolerable to you, then dog ownership really is not for you.

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