Breed: Large Crossbreed
Age: 8 Years
Sex: Female
Fliss has found herself homeless due to no fault of her own. She came into our care with a male friend Patch who luckily has already found a loving home.
She needs a large breed experienced home that will make that extra effort to help her settle in the new home and become part of the family.
Please see some information/requirements for Fliss’s new home.
  •  travels well in the car.
  •  does pull on the lead but will settle.
  • would love a home with a balanced and compatible canine companion.
  •  no children or visiting children.
  • she does not like strangers going over her head so it must be avoided! No issues with the people she has bonded.
  • loves her food and takes treats gently.
  • would like a home with someone around most of the time as she likes a company.
  • she will chase cats, so no feline friends for her (or small furries).
Fliss is one of those dogs who you’ll have to visit a few times (preferably with some tasty chicken) to bond with her. Although once you have become her person, she’s funny, cuddly, goofy and will work well as a kissing booth dog! Fliss adores belly rubs and just likes to be with her humans. She’s around 9 years old without any known health issues.

Fliss isn’t high energy but does love a walk and a good run around. She would love to have an opportunity to have a run in an enclosed area, and a warm bed to fall asleep afterwards.
Fliss is a fantastic dog and has bonded with several people at the rescue. She really shows her loving and funny behaviour, and we would love to see someone  to bond with her the same way and just give her time to know you.
If you’re looking for a devoted and loyal cuddle monster (as well as face wash facilities) then please consider Fliss as your life long companion
Interested in Fliss?

Please read through our Rehoming Information before contacting us on 07709036103, thank you

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