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Registered charity number 1151287  Wansford Cambridgeshire

We rescue unwanted dogs and puppies, and rehome to new

loving homes.

Thousands of unwanted dogs, strays and pound dogs have found their way through our kennels during the 30 years we have

been rescuing dogs.

You are very welcome to visit our kennels by appointment 

Registered Charity  Number 1151287



Have you ever considered offering a Staffordshire Bull terrier a forever home. The answer maybe "no" it maybe "yes" but before you decide please see our




and reasons you may be surprised by for considering a Staffordshire Bull Terrier






Welcome to our website and we hope you find the perfect companion for youself. Before you start your search please do take a minute to read about our appeal to find loving new homes for some of our overlooked residents. At Animal Helpline we try to help any breed who needs our help space permitting, for this reason a majority of the dogs we do take into our care are the ones who may wait longer for a new home.

A large percentage of people looking to help a rescue dog will want a Spaniel a Labrador a small dog or a Collie type. The plain crossbreed the Staffordshire Bull terrier the large dog will all be bottom of most peoples list or not even make that list.

This appeal is a push for that dog, the one people will pass and not even give a second glance to, the one who if you saw a picture of you would quickly pass over, the one who may not have the looks but the nature that would just be perfect for you.


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Alot of people are not able to adopt or volunteer but you can still make a dog's wish come true by sending a gift via our


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Thank you to Pets at Home and Pedigree for all their support and donations.





Our vet's bills are large and one recent operation needed was Rushko a older Lurcher who needed a full dental. If you feel that you would like to contribute to his care then Rushko would like to say a VERY BIG THANK YOU.




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Please meet two beautiful dogs looking for new separate forever homes. Dante Pointer cross, Neo Crossbreed, Neo has been in our care some time now and so deserves a new forever home. Dante has a sad beginning and so deserves a loving forever home.





One of our long termers Benji recently had a day out, to read Benji's account of his antic's please do






3 years ago a puppy Staffordshire Bull terrier, skinny, scared arrived into our care, he would hide at the back of his kennel and bark at anyone who would come near him. Ferry found a home with a lady who looked beyond all that and just recently she and Ferry (now named Whiskey) moved to Canada. For a wonderful video of Whiskey's new life in Canada please watch his video below. Staffordshire Bull terriers make fantastic companions and Whiskey has become a wonderful natured very happy boy.





Please meet Tarzanica who thought he had found his perfect permanent foster, but unfortunately circumstances have changed for his foster family and he urgently needs a new home. He is around 14 years old and a happy, healthy mixed breed dog. He can be an only pet, but likes other dogs and has no problem with cats. He's an ideal companion dog, and is happy snoozing in a warm bed most of the time. A nice dinner and some telly time on the sofa with his human complete the perfect day for him. If you can offer this lovely gent a place by your fire, please get in contact.

Tarzanica neo 1

Neo is a male Crossbreed, possibly in his mixture could be some Mastiff, Staffie, Boxer who knows. What we do know is this boy is fantastic and so deserves a forever home. Neo recently spent some time in a foster home below is a update from his foster mum.


Update from foster mum:


* I have had the pleasure of having Neo to stay for the last week. What a treat! 

I really can't understand why this beautiful, young and loving dog is in the kennel. He is very quiet around the house and fully house trained. He has been quiet through the night and is clean until he goes out about 7am.  

He now knows the sit command well, he will take a treat 'nicely' and he will sit and wait patiently for his dinner. He is working on not jumping up but it does seem to be his biggest weakness - he just wants to kiss everyone! 

He is fine with all household noises, although he isn't fully comfortable with the hoover or the hairdryer.... 

He is fine with my cats and just wants to play with them - much to their annoyance! 

He took to having his own bed straight away and will take himself off quietly for a snooze. I had a spare pillow which is now his, he loves to snuggle with it. He is getting used to the command 'out of the kitchen' and understands the meaning just needs some work to follow it through. 

I am genuinely heartbroken I cannot keep him myself, it has been so wonderful seeing him grow and settle over the last week - imagine how fab he could be after a month in a loving family home. Please please please, can someone give him the time and investment he needs to be the perfect family companion. 

Dante 6

Dante is a gorgeous Pointer cross of 2 to 3 years of age, who will be coming into our care in Febuary, we want to advertise him now though as we feel he has waited so long for a loving forever home we don't want him to wait a minute more than he has too.

Dante has had a very sad beginning, his owner neglected him and had him tied to a radiator all day, every day, imagine never being able to move, just staying in one place for years. When Dante was rescued from this situation he was so gratefu, super skinny and a little nervous but overjoyed to be out of his prison. Now rescued he has gained weight and is loving his new found freedom. He is a big strong friendly boy who gets along with other dogs. He needs a very experienced doggy home and a family that are super active as he would not enjoy being a couch potato. He will need strong leadership and some more training, as his beginning has not taught him any manners. Dante is eager to please and eager to learn, he needs both physical and mental exercise. This boy will make an awesome addition to the right family.   If you can offer this very deserving boy a fabulous home that he thoroughly deserves, please get in touch in today!



Posh Paige as her name suggests is a delightful little girl with a sunny nature. She adores her walks and is very affectionate. She lives happily with her kennel mates and could live with a compatible male companion, alternatively she could be the only dog in the home.


Sadly in a past life Paige has been in a car accident. Luckily for her a kindly vet operated on her and took her to live with him for a while to recuperate. This does not deter Paige in any way and she loves life and going out and about. However the accident has left her with an incontinence problem. Paige will need an understanding and very special home with someone who can see past her difficulties and see the loving and sweet natured girl that she is.