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Registered charity number 1151287  Wansford Cambridgeshire

We rescue unwanted dogs and puppies, and rehome to new

loving homes.

Thousands of unwanted dogs, strays and pound dogs have found their way through our kennels during the 30 years we have

been rescuing dogs.

You are very welcome to visit our kennels by appointment 

Registered Charity  Number 1151287



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A lot of people are not able to adopt or volunteer but you can still make a dog's wish come true by sending a gift via our


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A big thank you to all our supporters! With your support and help we have been able to building new kennels! Thanks to you dogs will have warm kennels to sleep in! Check out video: 


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Lilly is around 3 years old medium size crossbreed girl who is looking for forever home. Lilly would be able to live with compatible male canine companion, she loves her walks and does know a few commands. Lilly adores to interact with people and loves cuddles. Lilly would love to be a part of the family. She is not in the care of Animal Helpline but please contact us if you would like to meet this beautiful girl.



Beautiful duo looking for a warm lap to sleep on!




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We are running out of Wet dog food, if anyone would like to donate please. Delivery is free and Martin gives the rescue 5% of the order back.

Thank you from all of us for your continued support xxx




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Big, cuddly and full of love! Meet some of our medium/large dogs!

Gidoen! Friendly and cuddly boy. Loves people and walks.

Winnie! Young, happy, bouncy and full of beans!

George! Young lad who is eager to please. Friendly, intelligent and cuddly.

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In our care we have 7 crossbreed puppies ( male and female ) who are looking for a home with someone around most of the time and a family that will help them grow into a well adjusted adult. Chelsy, Frida, Meli, Laly, Gino, Portia and Rexona  are finding kennel environment a little bit overwheming and would love to find a home soon. They all can live with compatible canine companion and really would love to have a doggy brother or sister. These puppies will need to learn everything about doggy life and will make wonderful companions. Once fully grown these puppies will be medium size. If you are considering to let puppy join your family please give us a call.

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Hannah ( dark grey ) and Hattie are bonded mother and daughter, and are looking for a home together. They have recently come into our care and do find kennel environment a little bit overwhelming, so we are hoping they will find forever home very soon. They are friendly girls and get along very well with each other, Hannah and Hattie are only small and won`t take much space at all.

Two beautiful girls who would make wonderful companions.

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