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Gina is a beautiful example of her breed and is looking for a home where she would be able to unpack her bags and snuggle up to you! Gina is a fantastic 7 years young lady who loves to interact with people and will make a great companion. She is a good natured pooch who just adores back scratching! Gina is a fairly small size and is a happy, outgoing girl. She just gives you that beautiful Staffy smile and you can't help but fall in love! Our beautiful Gina will need to be a an only pooch in the household, where she would be able to receive all the love and attention she craves.


Update: Our Gina has had a terrible life before coming into our care and appears to have been used for breeding, which has left her little body ravished. We have now brought a smile to her face and all she needs now is a loving forever home.


Update: Gina had a little break away from kennels


'We were walking at AH this weekend and we met little GINA, a lovely cute 7 year old small SBT who has recently come into AH , and again before we knew it, we had another passenger in the back of the car coming home for the weekend for a little holiday.




(This happens a lot!) GINA is great with humans, very affectionate and just wants to be loved. GINA likes nothing better than sitting on your knee and having a cuddle. ( no matter how small the space!) She is house trained and very good on the lead. GINA isn't great with other dogs - but I think if she's rehomed with the right family who can spend time with her and put the effort in to help her socialize with other dogs, I'm sure she will become more friendly with her furry friends. GINA isn't a typical SBT with her eating habits - she does not 'wolf' her food down immediately and wasn't begging for food from us. I must say - she does love her snack sausages as a little treat though! I hope GINA finds her forever home soon as she had so much love to give and I know she will thrive in her forever home.


Foster home update:


* Her write up is still a good description of her. She really is a model staffy... laid back, obedient, respectful & cuddly.

So easy to care for. Extremely cute!  If I could have a dog forever it would be Gina.



gina sleeping

She adores walks & is effortless on the lead. It's true so far she loves everyone. Barking is virtually non existent. She hates being left alone but is perfectly behaved. She travels great too. She seems in good nick for her age, beautiful coat and pearly white stinky breath!

She does gobble her food now, still on nature diet but with a spoonful of tinned & afew Harringtons bics sprinkled over. That seems to agree with her very well.


She would be great in so many homes without other animals. Will really miss her little cute piggy face when she goes!




Please meet our big chunk of looooove Jerry! Oh, what a gent he is! Jerry is a chunky boy who adores his walks in the woods and loves a good scratch behind the ear! Jerry walks fairly well on the lead and passes other dogs well, he adores to walk through the local woods and likes to explore his surroundings. Although, nothing is better for a good old cuddle! If you're looking for a friend to share your life ( and maybe sofa ) with then please come and meet Jerry!




Please meet our lovable lad Kevin! He's SBT cross and is simply a big chunk of loooove! Kevin is typical bouncy pooch who enjoys his walks in woods and absolutely adored people! He's very fussy and will lean in for a good cuddle! He's tail never stops wagging l, so if you're looking for a super cuddly lad in your life then Kevin is a friend for you!





Luella is a beautiful Staffie cross girl who just loves people and adores cuddles. She walks nicely on the lead, takes treats gently and will sit nicely when asked. Luella shares her kennel with a canine companion and they get along well. She is a fantastic dog who just wants to go for walks and be loved by her family. Luella is a fantastic girl and will suit many homes.