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Sam is a young SBT just crying out for love & guidance. He is a bouncy lad who already knows lots of commands. Sam loves a treat and would do well at reward based training.

Sam already knows how to ‘heel’ on the lead although in typical pupster style he does forget as there are lots more exciting things to explore.

He is a super happy lad and his little tail never stops wagging. Another great example of the SBT breed.


Update: From Sam's kennel maid.


* I love this little chap , Today he looked very smart in his little checked coat and his little tail was wagging as we popped off for a walk.

Sam seems quite lively when he first comes out of the kennels although he has definitely had some training in the passed , quite light on the lead & will often look back to make sure his handler is still there.

Another FUN sbt with so much potential - So hope this wonderful doggie finds a home soon .

Sam spent some time on short-term foster, here is what his foster Mum had to say:


Update from Sam’s foster Mum


* We took him to a Car Show and he was very well behaved. He enjoyed all the people, wanting to fuss him; he particularly liked the company and attention of children, and was fine meeting other dogs.


Sam is totally house-trained, he slept in our living room overnight. He loved lots of treats and is a very affectionate boy. Sam is very good on the lead and will walk to heel and will sit, when asked, before crossing the road. He does get excited when putting on his lead and when first seeing you in the morning. I am sure with some basic training this can be corrected.


He doesn’t like cats however, which I have, and that is why I had to return him to the rescue. He is not keen on balloons or the starting of motorbikes and will bark at them.


He does like to be out and about and rolling about on grass, so he would love to be homed where there is a garden. Sam is a wonderful dog, full of personality with a lot of love to give.


Update: From our volunteer dog walkers.


* Sam is a young lad who is so willing to learn and is an absolute delight .

A typical SBT who just wants to be part of a family that will love him & include him in their daily lives.


Sam is crying out for guidance and with the right family will bring so much Joy & laughter to every day.


A great doggie who so deserves a loving, forever home.


*  Was lovely yesterday to spend some one on one time with Sam away from the kennel environment where you usually find me tehe.gif Was a gorgeous day and Sam was the perfect walking partner. I do us a flexi but Sam really just trotted along by my side, we would stop for a cuddle which being a typical staffie he just loved smiley-love067.gif I met a friend on her bike with her husky and Sam just sat waiting patiently whilst we had a chat and then off we went.


Halo1 Halo.



Halo is a super sweet, little pupster of 6 to 7 months of age who has already captured many volunteer hearts! She makes smile everyone who meets her and is a real sweetheart. Halo lives happily with her kennel mate and would love to have a home with a canine companion, but equally would be an only dog in the household. Halo is enjoying her walks and will need a home where someone is around most of the time. Halo is a clever girl and willing to learn everything about dogs life, so if you're willing to invest a time in her training then Halo is a friend for you! She has got plenty of potential and has a very sweet nature!


Volunteer Update:


* I got to meet Halo briefly today but she made a big impression on me. She is so much prettier in the flesh than her photo portrays. We meet through the bars of her kennel and as soon as i stopped to speak to her she rushed to the front, tail wagging ten to the dozen, desperate for the attention and desperate to make friends. She gave me lots of kisses and if time had allowed i would have had her out and taken her for a walk. Sadly time was not on my side and after a few more kisses i had to bid Halo farewell, but she left me with a warm glow and a smile on my face and the wish that she would soon be someone's cherished canine companion.