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Registered charity number 1151287  Wansford Cambridgeshire

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Our special appeal is for the dog that most people would not give a second glance to. Most people when looking for a new companion are looking for a Spaniel, Labrador, little dog or Collie type. This appeal is for the dogs that would normally have to wait many months for new homes because of how they look. These dogs all have huge potential and lots of love to give, they just need that special person to look beyond and see the wonderful dog they really are.





SIMON00 SIMON5 simon

Our Simon arrived with three other female companions, one has been lucky to find a new home and is doing really well but alas our Simon still waits. He is a timid boy who has gained confidence while being at the rescue and has begun to go for walks, strangers still scare him especially men but with time and patience we are sure this boy would learn that life can be happy and people can be nice.



Simon arrived at the rescue with his female companions Lou, Mel and Cheryl. Cheryl has since found a new home and is doing really well (her updates can be seen under Happy Endings). Of the quartet Simon is the most confident and is continuing to do well with the aid of our volunteers and begin to trust more people. He is beginning to learn to walk on a lead and is happy to go on one without his companions Mel and Lou. Simon is wary of unknown men and will need continued help in gaining confidence around strangers.


This lad is looking for a quiet patient home, where he will be given lots of time to adjust and gain trust, a home where he would be rushed would be a disaster. He needs lots of love, encouragement and a routine.