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Registered charity number 1151287  Wansford Cambridgeshire






Resor is a male Beagle looking for a experinced home. When left he is destructive in the home. For more info on Resor please ring.


Update: From Resor's kennel maid


Its lovely to see one of our long termers get a day out. Resor as we know is a very sociable boy and gets on exceptionally well with his kennel mate. I am sure he has calmed down a little now and not quite the escape artist he used to be.




pawpat resor

Resor is an independent lad who is not overly affectionate but I really find him a character and have got to know him pretty well since he has been with us. He is a very clever boy who just loves to be out and about. I feel he would suit a home with someone who is about all the time as is destructive if left on his own or even better is out to work and using his intelligence



Ace is a smashing boy who has recently come into our care via the pound. This lad loves being and about and going for walks, he does pull on the lead so will need more training in this area. Ace's biggest passion though is people, he loves metting people and getting lots of cuddles, so if your looking for a affectionate dog Ace is for you.


Volunteer update:


* Ace is a typical Staffy and just looooves cuddles!! Ace does pull on the lead but calms down once initial excitement goes away, in a Staffy fashion he gives you plenty of slobbery kisses and makes you smile a lot! Ace will need an active home as he has got plenty of energy. Ace will sit nicely when asked and wait for a treat to be given. We recon he had some special training in the past as he`s an absolute ace in sausage catching ( his name really suits him ) - Ace will catch a sausage from any angle and will jump as high as possible to get the treat, from approx. 10 sausages he didn`t miss a single one of them! Ace will make any grey day much, much brighter and will be a great walking companion as well as snuggle buddy!



Please meet our cheeky boy Joey! He's a crossbreed youngster and is looking for a home where he will be given some training and plenty of cuddles. Joey loves his walks in the woods and never fails to put a smile on volunteer faces. He loves to interact with people and gets along with his kennel mates, Joey will make a great companion and would love to be involved into all activities. Joey would prefer a home without children.



Update: Ace had a little visit with one of our volunteers.


We took Ace home and here is how we found him. Ace is a good walker and is curious of his new surroundings. Seems fully toilet trained (only little tiddle first off but think was more a marking thing). Ace saw my cat and was interested in her barking at the fence, so would need some work if got rehomed with cat but would come back inside when told. Took for walks, would look at other dogs but passed without any pulling or aggression. walked with mums dog Alvin in front of Ace and he was fine. Only when another dog off the lead came quite close barking at Ace did Ace retaliate but when told to stop he responded.

Ace becca



Please meet our beautiful, little girl Becca. Sweet girl has been found together with her sister Gemma and would love to have a home together. We do understand that it's not easy to find a home for a duo but it would make our little girls very happy! Because is a tiny girl who's 6-7 months old, she gets along with other dogs and would suit many homes. If you're looking for a pocked size best friend ( or even 2! ) then give us a call!




Please meet our beautiful, sweet girl Gemma. She was found together with her sister Becca and we would absolutely love to see them being in their forever home together! Although, we do understand that it's not always possible... Gemma is gentle, small girl who would fit into many homes and would make a wonderful companion. If you're looking for a pocked size four-legged friend for life ( or maybe even 2! ) then give us a call to make an appointment!







Jacob is a super lad who's only a youngster and is looking for a forever sofa to sleep on! Jacob is a stunning boy who loves his walks in the woods and loves his kennel mate! Jacob is an easy going pooch who would make a great companion!




Please meet Jack! He's a male JRT and is a real character! Jack has some fantastic markings around his cute face and if you look closely, you can see his uplifted eyebrows! Jack is a typical Terrier and loved his walks in the woods, he likes to explore his surroundings and is full of beans. Jack will need a fairly active home where he would be involved into fun activities and adventures! Jack is sharing his kennel with a female companion and they get along well! So, if you're looking for a fun loving, energetic pooch then Jack is a lad for you!