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Registered charity number 1151287  Wansford Cambridgeshire

Dogs Needing

Homes 5

JESS - female crossbreed.


Jess is a petite lady. She enjoys her walks in the woods. Jess would prefer a fairly quiet home. She could live with older dog savvy children.


ASTRO & ASPEN - young male Bichon Frise.


Astro and Aspen are cheeky youngsters. They have the typical Bichon nature. Being young these boys would need someone around most of the time and someone who is prepared to continue with their training and socialisation.


ALI - female Labrador.


Ali is a typical Labrador lady. She has a kind and gentle nature and is always happy. Ali is quite a plump lady and we are helping her to regain her figure. Ali loves her walks so this will help her. Ali will make a great addition to family life.

ALTO - small male crossbreed.


Alto is an energetic young man who loves his walks. He has an affectionate nature but can be quite determined when he wants to be. Alto would prefer a home with older dog savvy children. He could live with a compatible canine companion.

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AUSTIN - young male Sighthound.


Austin is a young rough coated sighthound boy. Austin loves everyone and everything. He has a happy go lucky nature and will make a delightful addition to family life. Being a youngster Austin would need someone around most of the time and someone who would be prepared to continue his training and socialisation. Austin can live with a compatible canine companion or as an only dog.

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