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Registered charity number 1151287  Wansford Cambridgeshire


WINNIE - 10 years old female Cavalier King Charles cross.


Winnie is a elderly female who is looking for a home without children and as an only pet. Winnie has a really cheeky character. When you go into her kennel she will jump on top of it and when she thinks you are not looking she will try to sneak past you and out. She then thinks it is a great game for you to try to catch her. Winnie does not like sudden moves towards her, she needs time to settle and know that you are not going to harm her. Winnie lives happily with her kennel mate, but would possibly like a home where she is the only dog so that she gets all the attention. Winnie enjoys her walks and is easy on the lead. Winnie would need a home where she will be given structure and boundaries so that she knows what is expected of her. A quiet home without children would be best suited for Winnie.



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CHARLOTTE - female crossbreed.


Charlotte is a young female crossbreed and has come a long way since she first arrived. Charlotte was lacking self confidence and woul hide from you, although with our volunteer dedication and work she has come out of her shell and is loving her walks in the woods. She is affectionate dog who loves belly rubs and cuddles, Charlotte will need a home where she will be given plenty of time to gain your trust and get used to home environment. She hasn`t had any experience of household noises, so a mindful home is preferred. Once Charlotte is out and about her tail never stops wagging and she likes rural walks where she can sniff and explore her surroundings not being distrubed by loud noises. Charlotte loves other dog company and a home with canine companion is a must.



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Charlotte and Pharo have recently become singletons as their kennel mates have been rehomed. So, after a few introductions, these two have now been  paired up. We love to watch them play bowing at each other and having a real good game in the run. We tried to get a video of the fun, but as usual they stopped when the camera came out. This video does show the end of their game. Charlotte is teaching Pharo that Humans can be kind and Pharo is definitely teaching Charlotte how to play play play!!!

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VIOLET - female Lurcher.


Violet is a female Lucher who is looking for her forever sofa! Violet is a wonderful lady who is sweet and has the most beautiful eyes! Violet likes human company and adores her kennel mate - you ofthen can see them both running around like mad and then settling for a nap.  She likes her walks in the woods and can be rehomed with compatible canine companion, or as an only dog.