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Sasha is a young female crossbreed and looks just like a German Shepherd mix, she is very beautiful. Sasha recently came into our care and was initially very frightened. She is slowly coming out of her shell and starting to relax and explore. We have found that Sasha's favourite treat is cheese! She is still unsure but gaining in confidence.

She came to us an extremely shy girl and still needs time to trust. She will come over but is still not confident enough for some fuss, She needs a home where she can take her time to become accustom to new things. Someone with lots of patience to work with her to gain her trust.

Sasha is a lot better when living with a confident male dog, so feel when she is ready for a home that this would be best.


Update: From our volunteer dog walkers.


* Sasha is such a beautiful girl!!! This little sweetheart just needs that extra push to gain her confidence and come out of her shell. Pretty girl Sasha just wants to be loved and is looking for someone special to show how beautiful this world is!



Nero is a 2 to 3 year old medium sized male. He is about the size of a German Shepherd and knows some commands, he loves treats and takes them very gently, so reward based training would suit him. . He walks quite well on a lead and really enjoys exploring the woods and enjoys lots of fuss. Nero has come on in leaps and bounds since arriving at the rescue, thanks to our volunteers. He didn’t have a good start in life and sometimes, still, when frightened he will sink to the floor. Nero gets on with other dogs and passes other dogs well while walking.

Nero needs a home with someone who has time and patience to give him space to become accustomed to new surroundings, and continue his training and socialising. He has a lot to give and will make a super companion. SEE MORE




Sasha3 Nero



When we got the call from the pound about Rodney asking if we could help this old guy how could we refuse. We knew in our hearts that Rodney would probably be in our care for a long time, sadly Staffies are the bottom of most people's list of dogs they will rehome and to add to this Rodney is a oldie, so for him the chance of a new home is not in his favour. For us though we knew we had to give him at least a chance of a "Happy Ever After" ending.

Rodney just needs a warm bed to snuggle up in and a warm lap to rest his head on. He is an easy going boy who still enjoys a walk. He is a super looking boy who enjoys a cuddle and just wants someone to love him.

Can you offer our Rodney the chance of a new home. SEE MORE

Rodney can live with another female dog but not cats

Rodney. (1) RODNEY VIDEO wendy



Wendy is a beautiful, medium sized crossbreed lady who would suit many homes. Wendy is very gentle, with a sunny nature.




Chip is a sweet, little lad who will make your heart melt! Chip is good natured crossbreed boy who will suit many homes. He gets along well with other dogs and would make a great companion.




Tommy is a great boy who's looking for an active home, where he will be given plenty of exercise and cuddles! Tommy is a fantastic lad who is full of beans! He gets along well with other dogs and absolutely loves a good dip in the lake! Tommy has clearly had some training in the past and is a clever boy! He had a few day break with one of our volunteers and he showed himself as a real gent, as well as a good friend for resident cat! Tommy would love to have an active family where he would be involved into all the fun and adventures!




Carey is a young female crossbreed who has never experienced love before coming into our care. This little girl arrived with her siblings, the life before coming into our care is a mystery but what we can guess at is that it was not a good life. Carey is a little bit unsure of her surroundings but has started to gain confidence and now is out and about, walking on the safe harness. A new home will need to be patient and give her enough of time to settle in and trust you, although we thing she will come out of her shell sooner and expected and will make a great companion. Carey will need to learn everything about doggy life, she loves other dogs and gains confidence from them, so a home with another dog is a must. She is a sweet, medium sized youngster who just needs that opportunity to see how beautiful this world is!


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