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RESOR - male Beagle.


Resor is a male Beagle looking for a experinced home. When left he is destructive in the home. For more info on Resor please ring.


Update: From Resor's kennel maid


Its lovely to see one of our long termers get a day out. Resor as we know is a very sociable boy and gets on exceptionally well with his kennel mate. I am sure he has calmed down a little now and not quite the escape artist he used to be.




Resor is an independent lad who is not overly affectionate but I really find him a character and have got to know him pretty well since he has been with us. He is a very clever boy who just loves to be out and about. I feel he would suit a home with someone who is about all the time as is destructive if left on his own or even better is out to work and using his intelligence.

SCARLETT - 12 years old female Labrador cross.


Scarlett is eager to go on walks but she can be a bit strong on the lead at times so she would need someone to help her with this, although once she can calmed down Scarlett walks lovely on the led. Scarlett is a lovely dog who sadly has some past demons and is looking out for a special kind of home. Scarlett is scared of men and will need an experienced female only home with no other animals in the household. She takes time to trust people and will need a quiet home with not many visitors and no children.


Scarlett just wants to find an understanding home where seh would be able to unpack her bags and find peace of mind.



JOEY - male crossbreed.


Joey arrived into our care a very timid boy, he would hide in his bed or hide behind his kennel mate. Now he is in a foster home and has improved greatly, Joey lives with several other dogs and gets on well with most of them but can be choosy about his playmates, which leads us to think he will be better off as the only dog in the household. He can be nervous of strangers and new environments but once he gets to know you he can be very affectionate and loves cuddles. He is still timid but he continues to gain confidence. Unfortunately Joey is not suitable to be homed with young children and he's not really keen on cats.


IMG_8099 Joey-main ( page 10 ) BOB3

BOB - male Pointer cross.


Bob is a young lad who has come to us a little frightened. Once you take him for a walk and start to bond with him he will be your friend for life. He is a very handsome lad and is coat is very soft and brilliant white with fawn patches. He is Pointer size and shape and gets along well with his kennel mate.

We a are looking for a patient home who are willing to work with him and gain his trust. A home with no children.


MARCO - male crossbreed.


Marco is a male crossbreed who loves to be out and about, especially exploring woods. We believe that he was got some hunting dog in him as Marco will have his nose down looking out for different smells. Marco is a fantastic lad who will require an experienced adult only home, but potentionally could live with children 14yrs and above.

Marco is excellent in running on the lead whilst you`re riding your bike!  

Marco is a great walking companion and will thrive in an active home!