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Leah has been in her new home for a few months now. She was very carefully homed into a residential care home for people with learning disabilities. The families have agreed for us to put the pictures on Facebook. Leah’s (was Dalia) new Mum says “My five residents, who have learning disabilities, have been with me over 20 years and dogs have always been part of our lives here. Leah enables them to take responsibility in different aspects of her care, which builds on their self-esteem. She also encourages them to exercise such as going for walks and throwing the ball for her. When our Residents are out walking with Leah their social life is also improved as other dog owners engage them in conversation.She offers comfort by sitting on their knees for a stroke and cuddle and laughter with some of her antics. I can't understand why some care homes won't entertain pets for their Residents. Ros advised me on a collie cross (Jack) who was in need of rehoming and he was a valued member of our family for nearly 15 years, and your Volunteers certainly made the right choice for us with Leah. She is an absolute treasure and is loved by all my residents.” New Year Update: “Happy New Year to you all. We had a good Xmas and I hope you did too. The gang all enjoyed Leah opening her presents and helping them to open theirs. Please use the pictures attached on Facebook. I thought the sheer delight on Martin's face when Leah joins him in bed speaks volumes. She is also helping Helena open her presents, keeping an eye on Martin and with the gang at the park. Unfortunately some photos I took of her trying to take the baubles of the tree didn't turn out !! I will keep you updated on her now and again, keep up the good work x.”

Hi Ros, we picked up Barney (originally glitter) from you last Sunday.

He is loving his new home and follows us everywhere around the house, lots of wagging and lots of licking.

The children adore him and he them.

All is well as you can see from below photos - other than he has stolen the cats bed and mouse toy!


Thanks again for looking after him til he found his new family.

Helen Harding


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Hi there,


We thought you might appreciate some photos of Bragi (named Butch when you had him)


He's doing great. All our friends comment on how well and how happy he looks.


If you have any open days this summer, drop us an email and we'll try and come down.


Best wishes,Steve Lipscombe.




Thought you might like this picture, all happy infront of the fire. Do you rate James wellbeloved dog food?

Hope all is well,

We will be in touch soon about helping out :)

Laura, Olly, Missis and Snoop





I just wanted to say a big thank you for allowing me to adopt my big bundle of joy called Oscar – the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, he has been an absolute delight since picking him up over 3 weeks ago. I have never met such a “happy go lucky” dog and he has fitted in really well with our family, everyone that has met him falls in love with him and he has settled in really well – I am working on his weight with extra walks! Thanks again for your hard work and giving me the opportunity."



We wanted to let you know how Marley (you knew him as Jamie) is getting on. He's been with us just over a week, and he's met so many new people, which he loves and he is such a clever boy, we have been working on training with him to curb some of his naughty behaviours (barking and pulling out on walks, nibbling people). We have really grown to love him, and hope he loves us too. Thank you for your brilliant work in rescuing dogs like him.



Dear Animal Helpline Team, Please find attached some pictures of Nookie (now Lucky) to let you know he has settled in very nicely - as long as we hide all slippers, shoes and any chewable objects from his reach! He will need lots of treat training but we are confident that he will mature into a super dog as he has such a sweet and loving temperament. Even his puppy-like mischief is lovable; he is adored by the wider family too. We wanted to call him Lucky because we are as lucky to have him as he is to have us, and that makes for Good Luck all round. Thank you for making our home complete. Warm regards, Mary and Chris xx