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'It is over a year since we took these two scruffy mutts from you, and what a year it has been. They settled in immediately, and have been great company ever since, Daisy loves to sleep on her back all fours in the air, while Cocoa vigilantly stands guard still yapping at anything that moves outside. ( no chance of a burglar around here). Daisy has found a new fascination in the TV especially Paul O'Grady's For The Love Of Dogs, but anything really! Attached are a couple of pictures. 1 Waiting for that illusive biscuit. 2 Cocoa and Daisy get ready to go sailing "


Flavia now Ellie Ellie was rehomed just a couple of weeks ago, and she has settled in really well with her new family. Her new family say: "Rosie and Ellie (decided on a name change) have become best friends. They have been racing round the garden playing with one another. Playing tug of war with toys and finally sitting down together for a quick picture. It already feels like Ellie has always been here. So happy to have two dogs in our home once more. Many thanks for enriching all our lives."





"Hello, I just thought I'd send you a quick message to let you know how our Loki (Liam to you) is settling in. He is absolutely fantastic! he has taken to the house and the children so well, he loves anything with a squeak and is brilliant on the lead. He has made some new doggy friends in the village already and has behaved exceptionally well over night. He is an absolute delight to have around and has slotted right in with our little family. Thank you so much."


Hi all, we adopted "Luke" a few weeks ago and I thought I'd show you some pics of him settling down. Luke - who is now called Harvey loves playing outside with his brother Alfie. They get along well and love to go for walks together and sit by the window and watch people walk by. Harvey is a funny little boy and the whole family love him, he loves to snuggle up in bed or on the sofa with us and enjoys dinner time!

Just to let you see that Chip has settled in well. We now know:- He likes Roast Chicken, His new Bed, His new Lawn to play on, Long walks and his new girl friend, Lady. We think he is wonderful - he is already learning to sit and he is scrupulously clean in the house. Thank you so much for letting us adopt him into a loving home.We will keep you posted on how he goes on in his new “Forever Home". Enclosed pic of Lady and Chip now owning the Sofa!"

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Well, what a little gem Billie has turned out to be! It was instant love between her and Charlie and they are developing a great relationship; they play and play and play and........sleep and go walkies then play and play......So, Billie has most definitely fitted into our family really well. She's a bright little button - AND greedy, so training her is easy. She was off the lead by the third day as her recall is fantastic and she follows Charlie everywhere. She loves chasing her through the long grasses, in and out of the streams, and is not at all frightened of joining in with 'the big kids' ; she's not phased by anything and loves people, behaving like a real floosy by rolling over and wanting belly rubs when she meets them! Billie understood the word 'walkies' within a week and now comes up to me to put her harness on rather than running away as she did at first. She learned 'sit' and 'basket' in a couple of days and I have no doubt that she'll be just as quick too learn a few more commands as she gets older. Toilet training has been easy too as the back door is open almost all day every day; she's learnt to do a wee on command at bedtime and we have had a few dry nights, so all good there too! So, as you can see, all is good in the the household! Love to all, and I will send you photos and updates as Billie grows. Take care"


"We've had Ruby for a month now, but it seems like she's been with us much longer. From day one she's been such a happy dog, she loves to cuddle up on the sofa and show off the tricks she knows! She's excellent on a walk, we couldn't believe how the excited dog who loved to pull was suddenly walking nicely at our heel once she had her harness on! She's a wonderful addition to our family and we can't imagine our lives without her. Thank you to everyone at animal helpline for the amazing work you do that helped save a wonderful dog."