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Hi Ros,


Well it has been a week since Rouge became a member of the Hill household, and a fantastic week it has been too.


After an initial bout of tummy trouble, resulting in a few accidents around the house; a visit to our vet and some antibiotics had her on the road to recovery again.


Our vet also failed to find her chip, but was easily fix by the dogs trust who did it for free.


Rouge (Now "Rose" as we picked her up on Valentine's day) has become both mine and my wife's shadow around the house and has taken to either sleeping next to our Staffie Harvey or on the sofa across our laps.


Already she is starting to come out of her shell, with the occasional waggy tail and excitement when we get up in the morning.


She has proven to be a complete lady on walks and is extremely well behaved with our other dog too.


It may have only been a week so far, but with her coat starting to shine, and her starting to understand she can just relax, it is already like she has been with us for far longer.


A huge thank you to you and your team of staff/walkers for making us feel welcomed and answering all our questions, but most of all for allowing us to give Rose (Rouge) a new home.


Kind Regards


Leighton, Judith.

rouge rouge1



Hello Ros,


Coco here! Just thought I'd send you an email letting you know how well I've settled in with Neythen and Charlotte.

I love it here, the garden is huge for me to run around and play fetch!

I've learnt a couple of new commands,  including stand and lay!

Today I went to visit mr jolley, my new vet. I was a tad nervous at first, but once I had a schmaco I quite liked him! I've met a lot of new dogs on my walks, a couple I wasn't too sure of, but most of them are really friendly.

Today I also went to the groomers for a good old shampoo and blow dry! They've made me smell of roses and did a far better job than Neythen and Charlotte at washing me!

I've popped some pictures in this email for you too.

Thank you so much for letting me go home with Neythen and Charlotte, I think we are a perfect match!


Lots of love

Coco, Neythen and Charlotte




Hello - One your dogs – Akias (Akela now) - sends best wishes and some pictures. One month ago we travelled over 2 thousand miles to my native country – Lithuania - cold snowy winters country and hope will have a lot of fun. I know your shelter rehomes many dogs, but hope Ros and volunteers still remembers white Husky Akias. I want to let Ros know - he is absolutely fine, very smart and intelligent, gentle and playful and super friendly dog to everybody around (including cats) with great personality. Some picture attached. I hope it will be an inspiration for somebody to adopt a dog. Thank you and good luck with your mission!




Jasper's first night with us was in our room, he had a good night. The next morning I had my first kiss, tail wag and belly rub and nudging me with his nose for attention. We had to take it slowly with my husband - he seems to be very nervous around men, still we are making a point of my husband feeding him and holding his lead when he goes for walks as a starter. The turnaround over the last few days has been far beyond our expectations. Indeed when my husband went out for an hour this morning he came back to a lovely welcome from Jasper ending in a lot of affection and Jasper rolling on his back with his legs in the air for a tummy rub!! Also when he took Jasper out for a walk he met up with someone who came up to see Jasper who promptly went behind my husband to protect him. We took some pictures of Jasper and his new brother, thought you might like to see them. He is a really lovely boy and we feel so lucky to have him.”


Bowie's family sent in some pics of him, they say he walks perfect on the lead and he is so intelligent - He understands something new after just a couple of tries. He loves every person he meets. Just gets anxious when he sees dogs still. He isnt a fan of getting his feet wet or getting up in the morning but once he is up he doesnt leave your side all day. He is completely different. I am so glad we picked him. And thank you again for letting us.


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We recently adopted Ben from you in July. We just wanted to let you know how he is getting on. He is a lovely old chap and has settled really well in his new home. He gets on well with our other dog, Jazz. He loves his walks and loves to potter round in the garden having a sniff. He is a very loving dog and likes nothing more than to be stroked and fussed. I have attached a couple of photos for you. Thanks to all of you.