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Our Connor has recently had a break with one of our volunteers and shown what a super boy he can be.


Foster dad update:


“Conner is another of our long termers and a bit of a dark horse, always quietly looking out from his pen and hoping someone will notice him.   It was therefore great to have time to take him home for a couple of nights and see what he’s really like, and it turns out that like many of our dogs, he has a real personality behind those beautiful dark eyes.  For the most part his behaviour in the house was excellent and he was respectful and quiet throughout.  He slept in his own bed at the foot of mine, was not pushy about joining me and responded nicely when asked to keep to his own bit of the furniture.   Having been shown where the toilet area is and given plenty of opportunity to use it he was also clean with no accidents in the house.   I saw no sign of food or bed possessiveness although he was possessive about a hide chew I gave him.  That was the only minor bit of bad behaviour I saw.  In contrast, he has a very playful side to him and loves his toys, although being a big puppy at heart his play can be a little robust with some mouthing  so not suitable for small children.  As he matures he needs to have his behavioural boundaries set by someone who understands dogs as it was very clear to me that Connor a dog who really wants to be shown what to do to be loved, as nobody has done this for him before .             


On the lead he generally walks very nicely and rarely pulls (squirrel sightings being the usual exception), and seems fairly settled around other dogs as long as they are not too pushy with him.  That said he didn’t get on well with a female kennel mate in the past so he is probably best as an only dog, and being at least half Lurcher will not be compatible with cats and small furries.  He will sit, lie down and give paw nicely for treats and was very attentive to me when I was with him – at times I seemed to have a 4 legged shadow following me around quietly.  On our last night we went to my favourite watering hole in Yarwell and he was perfectly behaved, even when surrounded by lots of tempting food - in fact he did so well a complete stranger bought him his own bag of Pork Scratchings.


Connor is a dog who desperately wants to be given love, direction and guidance and I’m sure that in the right environment you will see his personality grow and flourish.  There is a lot more to him than you can see in those amazing eyes and its time he found a forever home where he can thrive.”